Bibi Angola – Coach & PhP

Real Estate & Credit Mastery for the People

Bibi Angola, founder of Watson Fitzgerald Properties, LLC and J Sullivan MacLord & Rosa Lee Group, LLC has been a Real Estate Entrepreneur and Investor for over 23 years. She not only created a Family Legacy Real Estate Company, along with the younger generation in her family, but also built a business with over 7 million dollars in real estate assets.  

Bibi developed a 1.6 million dollar community in Paramount, California called La Rosa Townhomes, named after her mother.  She has had several government contracts with HUD,  or Section 8, has rehabbed numerous properties, has flipped houses and four-plexes in several states, and has been a landlady or Professional Housing Provider (PhP) for many years. 

She also specializes in helping people obtain Credit Mastery in order to maximize their buying power. Come and learn these easy tricks of the trade.

Bibi will teach you the ins and outs of how to acquire property in Georgia and other states using Tax Lien Sales for pennies on the dollar!

She currently resides in Georgia.  After being in Georgia for only one month, she was able to purchase five properties from a Tax Lien Sale. She cracked the code and wants to teach you her easy methods for this state and other states as well. 

She learned from one of the top Real Estate Entrepreneurs in the country -  Dr. Albert Lowry, as well as Reggie Brooks and James Bird.  In keeping with their tradition, she is here to give back – “Each one, Teach one.”

Bibi taught English and ESL in high school and Adult School in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years. Now she is taking her knowledge in Real Estate on the road to teach you her success secrets. She has lived in New Jersey, California, Hawai’i, and  Georgia and has studied abroad in Mexico and England. She is a world traveler and teaching remains her passion. Come and learn how you, too, can become financially independent and be a successful entrepreneur.